Zulily — Maternal and Child Series


Zulily is one of America’s maternal and child supplies group and the company was founded in 2009 in Seattle. Zulily website currently has 4 million users, the site e-mails to the users in everyday morning, and provide a large number of goods discount information, including toys, books and baby clothing and so on. Its service object is mother, it sell women and infants clothing, toys and other goods. At 6 o ‘clock every day it will launch 35 new quality goods, there are 7 discount, most time (usually 72 hours after they down from the shelves) and limited (sell out). Zulily is steady from this market, from now the user has 10 million members. It also introduced a mobile client, the trading 30% on mobile. On Nov. 15th, Zulily.com investment has raised $85 million in Series D funding led by Andreessen Horowitz.  This latest investment will allow zulily to continue to improve the member experience so moms can discover even more boutique products at unbeatable prices.   GO>>>>>>