RedShelf Reviews


RedShelf is a revolutionary platform that allows you to obtain e-books of any content on any device in one easy-to-use platform. Not only is it easy and convenient to download content within RedShelf, it’s also far more affordable than purchasing new or used printed books. More than 500 schools are using RedShelf to offer students affordable and accessible course materials. Educators using RedShelf are able to streamline coursework for all students and track student usage using a uniform system across the board. RedShelf also offers customizable bookstore-branded online marketplaces to enable them to sell digital materials on campus. Students love RedShelf because they no longer have to rely on used printed materials, allowing them to cut down on the enormous costs of textbooks each semester. The savings are built in with RedShelf, and all of their course materials are in one convenient interface on any device with internet access. For students, it’s not all about the e-books themselves. RedShelf allows students to highlight and add their own comments anywhere in the text and create study guides and flashcards within the e-reader, making studying for all courses much easier.

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