Buckle started as a stand-alone men’s clothing store in Nebraska in 1948, and over the years, has developed their position as a denim specialist where it is fun to shop. Now, in addition to their online store, they have close to 450 locations spread across 42 states. Over the years, they have occasionally changed their branding to operate as The Brass Buckle and The Buckle. In 1977, they introduced their women’s clothing lines and started opening up retail stores within shopping malls. They developed their own private label, now called BKE, in 1991. At the end of the 20th century, an online presence was created that has grown into buckle.com. To fulfill the growing online business and retail store demand, a new distribution facility was completed and opened in 2010. Buckle’s sustainable model of denim and easy-wear products and support for community betterment programs should drive Buckle into the future.


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