Beautytap Reviews


Beautytap aims to share Korean culture through beauty products. The brand views makeup as being as culturally influential as art, music or literature. In fact, Beautytap feels that beauty is a form of art that people wear on their own faces, making it one of the most widespread forms of personal expression. When shoppers order from the site, Beautytap sees an opportunity to open minds and expand horizons. Korean beauty, also referred to as K-beauty, is known for being innovative. Beautytap sells products with cutting-edge ingredients. The emulsions and essences melt into the skin, and the sleeping masks create plump, bouncy skin overnight. The sunscreens are considered the best in the world for their silky textures and residue-free finishes. Everything is packaged in a tube or bottle that is as adorable as it is functional. K-beauty products are equal parts fun and great results. The Beautytap website is constantly being updated with new products and blog posts detailing the latest breakthroughs in the science of skincare. The site offers exclusive products and sets, special discounts, and free samples.

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